Essay on Building A Full Time Manager At Treadwell

Essay on Building A Full Time Manager At Treadwell

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Purpose Statement
The purpose of this memo is to explain our decision to retain a full-time manager at TreadWell.

Concerns of the Silent Partners
We believe the primary concern of the silent partners is maximum profit because they want to receive the greatest return possible from their investment. The involvement of the silent partners in the company is limited to their financial contributions in addition to gaining subsequent profits or suffering losses. Prioritizing profit over all other concerns is consistent with the shareholder model. The shareholder model states, “A view of social responsibility that holds an organization’s overriding goal should be profit maximization for the benefits of the shareholders” (Williams, 80). Therefore, a silent partner is in favor of increasing the bottom line in accordance the stockholder’s model. Consequently, the method in which the profit is enhanced does not matter to the silent partners. The concern is purely money-oriented and not on environmental factors, the effect of the community, sustainability, or workplace cohesion. Through the use of the shareholder’s model on of the guaranteed ways to enhance profit would be to cut salaries and wages expense by firing one of the two full time managers and utilize part time employees.

A focus on decreasing our employment costs as a means of maximizing profit is a reasonable one. Joshua Weiss, CEO of TeliApp Corporation, a successful manager in many of his own startup companies, focuses on removing unnecessary overhead that stunts the company’s profitability, “To insure our success, avoiding extra or unnecessary employees was essential. I put a great deal of effort into the hiring process, making sure that all my employees were versa...

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...ion would serve the principle of long-term self-interest (Williams, 75). In maintaining all current personnel the company does not have to spend additional resources into training additional part-time employees. Furthermore, it is in the company’s maintain the current manager because he or she has previous managerial experience which is beneficial when dealing with an upcoming expansion period that TreadWell appears to be going through. By avoiding a negative reaction from employees and the community and adopting a proactive strategy, we can continue with a formula that has proven successful in the past. In result, our company will continue to prosper as we have begun to do coming out of the recessive economy. Despite the concerns of the silent partners, we believe in our team’s managers and employees and we advocate against the termination of one full time managers.

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