Essay on Building A Culture Of Respect And Collaborative Learning Environment

Essay on Building A Culture Of Respect And Collaborative Learning Environment

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Framework for Analysis
For any new school principal, the human relations and communication must be a priority to successfully establish a culture of respect and collaborative learning environment. Any new principal should follow the guidelines of Miles and Frank (2008) when they stated,
Each day we see school leaders succeed despite these odds. They do this by identifying their
most pressing student needs and aligning all available people, time, and money to
purposefully address them. They summon the courage to pursue their instructional vision
despite systemic and cultural barriers, and they use relentless persistence to find a way to
turn these everyday resources into powerful tools to achieve student success. (p. 196)
There is no one right way to organize all schools. However, an effective school administrator must be strategic in planning and acting upon the challenges faced during the day to day operation, accordingly to the needs of their individual learning community.
Glanz (2006) describes how to set up the organizational system when he suggests, “establish definite procedures for specific events and issues along with specific people responsible for different matters” (p. 21). Ms. Zola listed how she was going to call each person accordingly to the needs observed. The author listed eight methods to organize the day to day operations, in which number two advices to, “make to-do lists” (p. 22). The new principal demonstrated her organizational skills when she analyzed her school needs and made a list. The author proposes that the list serves as a reminder, but is also a record of the allocation of the time of the administrator. Glanz (2006) adds, “technology can set you ...

... middle of paper ...

... supportive relationships”.
Even when the majority of the faculty was not willing to use technology as an instructional tool yet, the new principal demonstrated her resiliency and negotiation skills when she added the buying of a round table for informal communication to her to-do list. Fisher and Ury (2011) described the negotiation skills that Ms. Zola demonstrate when they described the importance of building a relationship and collaboratively focus on the problem, not the person. Ms. Zola would have probably liked to have the table, not only to talk to all the faculty and staff, but to communicate in an adult to adult voice, as a team, with her secretary when she comes back to work. Communication, establishing culture, hiring the most compatible resources aligned to the goals, and projecting future needs are the main issues described in this case study.

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