Building A Conflict Free Environment Essay

Building A Conflict Free Environment Essay

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Our day to day actions effect not only us but all of those around us, so it is imperative in the workplace today for managers and supervisors to understand how to deal with maintaining and managing an ethically diverse work environment, in order for their company to be as successful as possible. To assure they are running a conflict free environment and are promoting positive outcomes for their business and employee’s, it is important that they are able to understand how diversity can affect their company. Strong ethic beliefs in a workplace plays an important role in the success of any organization and promotes values and better cohesion among all who work there. A successful business relies on not only the managers, but also all employees and even customers.
“Ethics is the inner guiding moral principles, values, and beliefs that people use to analyze or interpret a situation and then decide what is the right or appropriate way to behave” (Jones, George 79). In the workplace it is crucial that managers are exemplary role models for demonstrating how to act ethically in their business for many reasons. Many times employees in a company will follow the lead of others when it comes to how to act. When they see people starting to profit from acting in an unethical manner, this encourages them to act the same way. When this happens, the rate at which the company works together efficiently will then decrease, damaging the overall business of the company. People who behave unethically put their reputation on the line and it may cause many problems for them further down the line. The unethical behavior of managers can cause a domino effect and lead to employees acting unethical and then damaging their relationships with customers. Many...

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...o be set aside. As a manager or person of authority in a large company or small business need to be able to hire on a fair scale to all who apply. Whether you are hired for a job or not should be based on whether you are more qualified for the position then the people you are competing against, not by the color of your skin or how old you are. Not only do managers and authority figures need to be able to put all personal opinions aside, they also need to be able to lead their companies and set good examples when it comes to how to act in the workplace, so that their employees do the same. People use their managers and supervisors as role models so it is imperative in the workplace today for managers and supervisors to understand how to deal with maintaining and managing an ethically diverse work environment, in order for their company to be as successful as possible.

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