Building A Community At The Hall Essay

Building A Community At The Hall Essay

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After spending a full semester living here in North Hall, I have earned a great respect for what RAs do to help build a community in the residence halls. Currently, living on the STEM floor I have thoroughly enjoyed the events and activities that we have participated in, and would like to give more positive experiences like these to future students so that I may help better their time here in college. I was very impressed with the way that the community consists of people of similar interests many of whom are taking similar classes to one another which sparks a great sense of unity throughout the floor. I have found this to be the most valuable part of the community thus far and I will take that concepts with me in the future to help students form study groups that help to mentor the students to achieve success in their academic careers when times start to get tougher as the years go by.
Over my two-year career as an employee with Regal Cinemas, I have been given many great opportunities to manage time, activities, money, and resources on any given day. Through my experiences, I have also begun to get into the business of managing people more and more with every new day I work as a manager. One thing that I have learned in becoming a manager is that people need strong and concise direction in order to understand how to accomplish a task especially when they are not motivated to do so. Becoming an RA would help me learn how to manage people better and understand how to guide people closer to success in both their academic careers and in their activities.
Through my experiences thus far, I have been able to prove how well my time management skills have cooperated with my academics, job, and college life. In becoming an RA, I hope t...

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...are needed for different types of people of different cultures and backgrounds. Another main point that I had learned was that when an issue needs resolution, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone to make sure that you can solve the problem quickly and effectively to protect everyone.
This same principle applies for RA’s in the sense that they must deal with a vast array of students who will have different motivations than others and need assistance in different ways than others. Learning how to work with all types of students is greatly important to being successful in helping the residents. Not every situation is easy to fix, and being an RA you need to be prepared for whatever call may be waiting. I have been lucky to have dealt with many important issues with my job at the theater from burning food to power outages where you need to act instantly.

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