BUG, Inc.

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BUG, Inc. BUG, Incorporated is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells electronic recording devices. The majority of their clientele are businesses that are in law enforcement. The type of equipment they sell enables the ability to listen secretly to other conversations via cell phone transmissions, telephone wire tapping and remote microphones. As in any business BUG should make sure they have different types of legal protection to ensure their employees, vendors and the company is protected. BUG must consider protections for its intellectual property, such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and contractual. A patent is a grant of property rights, approved by the Patent and Trademark Office. Patents are beneficial for BUG because part of BUG equipment is driven by software designed by employees of the company. A trademark is a distinctive way in which businesses goods and services are represented. Trademarks come in the form of a logo, symbol, words, or brand names for packaging purposes and provide security for BUG’s company logo when expanding internationally. A copyright affords protection of original literary, artistic works, and sound recording. BUG inventions are protected from reproduction by other businesses with a copyright. WIRETAP, Inc. is a competitor of BUG. Steve, one of WIRETAP’s current employees, obtained a job at BUG in the research and development department. While working at BUG, Steve forwarded e-mail pertaining to client relations, both domestic and international, and information about the BUG product lines to WIRETAP. Many crimes are committed against business property often engaging in stealing or theft and the misappropriation of funds. Steve engaged in taking another business’s property, namely tangible property, trade secrets, computer programs and other business property. Steve faces civil liabilities of larceny and, more appropriately, theft. Additionally, Steve faces specific crimes committed by business people only, referred to as white-collar crimes, involving being cunning and decei tful. Embezzlement also applies to the situation because property is being stolen by someone BUG has entrusted in being a key element in a civil case. WIRETAP is liable for engaging in receiving stolen property or intentionally depriving the rightful owner of property. WIRETAP is also liable for obtaining property through dishonesty and trickery amounting to a crime of false pretenses, also known as criminal fraud and deceit. Depending on how the company intends to use the stolen information, intentional misrepresentation, falsely representing the material fact, applies. Furthermore, WIRETAP is participating in a very common law tort of palming off, an old form of unfair competition often occurring when one company tries to palm off its own product on the competition.
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