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BUG, Inc. is a company that is a manufacturer and seller of electronic recording devices. Many of their clients are state and federal law enforcement agencies. Because of the nature of its business and its clients, it has many developments and designs that need to be protected from others trying to replicate its work. Below describes many different situations of needed protection and how to protect its products. Intellectual Property Protection BUG, Inc. needs to protect its designs, manufacturing process, the actual recording devices, original authored software, and its ladybug logo. These items are all under the umbrella of intellectual property. BUG, Inc. will need to make application to several different agencies to achieve maximum protection. BUG, Inc. needs to protect its designs and their ladybug with headphones logo from illegal usage. These need trademark protection. BUG, Inc. will need to register the designs and logo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. By registering its logo, BUG, Inc. will be able to put this logo on all of their products. Everyone will be able to recognize the device and immediately know that it is a BUG, Inc. product. Any unauthorized use of the ladybug logo is considered a trademark infringement. By copyrighting its software, BUG, Inc. protects its rights to reproduce, publish, and distribute any programs BUG may have written. Even though copyrights are established with the creation of the software, BUG, Inc. will still need to file with the Copyright office in Washington, D.C. This is simply a registration process. There is nothing issued by the U.S. government. BUG, Inc. will be able to protect itself against all others using its manufacturing process and from manufacturing replicas of its recording devices, by applying for a patent. This is a long process, usually taking about two years. For the protection of its devices, company image, and company liability; BUG needs to understand that there are many laws that protect businesses while doing interstate and international e-commerce. First of all there is the IP address, which will be BUG.com, but initially BUG will need to purchase this, after doing so, BUG needs to ensure that its namesake and BUG.com website is protected by filing for a trademark and registering the BUG.com name on, www.networksolutions.com. BUG also has issues like security privacy to worry about, to ensure that its website is secure for consumer information to be broadcasted.
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