Budget Requirements And Time Requirements Essays

Budget Requirements And Time Requirements Essays

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Budget requirement / Time requirements
Argos would have a big budget as they would advertise mostly on the TV which requires a lot of money. Argos would need to make sure that they have all the equipment to advertise on TV. They would advertise on TV as they are a business which is only based in the UK. So advertising on TV would allow them to reach out to their people. Argos would also advertise the service on their and other website which wouldn’t cost them much money as they would choose certain websites that are in the UK. They may need to increase the selling price of the service as they may spend a lot of money on the marketing of it, so they may not make any money unless increasing selling price. Argos would be under the maturity stage as they already have a large customer base, so they would want to maintain this by using a range of promotions and direct marketing. This service can be released whenever as people always order from online.
Microsoft would have a very big budget as they would advertise on the internet which requires a lot of money as they would advertise on websites worldwide. This would allow the business to reach out to more people as they would see their adverts on websites, which would provide information about the new product. Microsoft would have to pay website owners for them to be able to advertise there. Microsoft also use the TV to advertise which costs a lot of money because Microsoft has to make sure that they have all the equipment that is high quality to do this. They may need to increase the selling price of the product as they may spend a lot of money on the marketing of it, so they may not make any money unless increasing selling price. Microsoft would be under the matu...

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...want to purchase this.

Towards the end of the advert it shows us the Microsoft logo and the name of the laptop which is Microsoft Surface Book. The advert hasn’t given a place where they are able to buy this laptop so they may not buy it when they see it, but it shows us the business logo which is Microsoft. The viewers would have to do their own research to find this product. The advert shows us the software that they can purchase which is the office software which include word processors and other programmes. The users would be able to use this on their laptop if they purchase this. It also shows us the smart pen which can be attached to the top of the laptop, this wouldn’t be included with the laptop so the users would have to buy this separately.

The advert does not provide any information about vouchers, discounts or any points system.

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