Essay Budget Narrative On Early Childcare Start Up Budgets

Essay Budget Narrative On Early Childcare Start Up Budgets

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Budget Narrative
The work that I have done to give you the budget for this assignment has been so much information that a whole semester could be done just on Early Childcare start-up budgets. Mt reference list is enormous and I had to make myself stop looking up information so I could complete my assignment. The first step for my budget was from our text and class website discussions and links. Each link lead to another and another and so much information from cleaning regulations to how to do you taxes. To start a Childcare program there are many steps besides your level of education that you need to contemplate.
My budget below does not state this but, I would choose sole proprietor as my tax status. My reason for this is, I have run my own business as a sole proprietor and feel comfortable doing so at this time. Since this is a make believe budget I have a pretend accountant and lawyer and would need to further scrutinize my options. I did go to the IRS website and read about different things that would need to be done but I will admit I had an overload of information. The t...

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