The Buddy Field Hockey Program

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Ever since I was seven years old I had been a part of the Hopkinton Buddy Field Hockey program. I started at the youngest age possible without knowing how to hold a stick correctly and worked my way to being a captain of the varsity team my senior year of high school. My seven-year-old self would have never imagined being one of the big girls and being named captain of the varsity team. When it came time, during my senior year, to pair the buddies with the varsity team members, my coach decided to make myself and my co-captain assistant coaches for the youth team instead of pairing us with an elementary student like she normally does. This was a whole new responsibility that I was not necessarily prepared to have because I had no experience coaching. At our first team practice our varsity coach gave us a general overview of what to accomplish with the fifth and six grade team because their coach was unable to be at practice. Even though my co-captain and I had a schedule to follow, we quickly had to learn how to be responsible for such a large group of children and how to keep them focused on the drills. As the season went on, the girls began to trust that we knew what we were doing and started to work together as a team which was very important because their first game was fast approaching. My co-captain and I were very excited with how well their skills were progressing even though we were originally unsure how well we would be able to coach them since neither of us had any coaching experience before being thrown into the season as assistant coaches. Coaching the fifth and sixth grade team was very nerve wracking at first because we were left on our own to teach them all the basic skills and rules of field hockey. Even though ... ... middle of paper ... ... the tournament as we had wished we would, my fellow captains and I learned a few very important life literacies including communication skills and leadership skills. In the future, I would like to be able to continue improving my communication and leadership literacies because they will be very helpful tools to have in any type of work environment. Growing up on the field hockey field has influenced my life dramatically but it has been only positive experiences. From field hockey I have become a much better leader than I ever thought was possible and I now feel more confident in my communication skills. Even though they can still improve, being literate in communication and leadership allows me to have a potentially better future since I now have a background in being a leader who can communicate effectively with any team that I will be working with in the future.

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