The Budding And Thriving Minds Of Our Future Generation Essay

The Budding And Thriving Minds Of Our Future Generation Essay

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The budding and thriving minds of our future generation, the students of today, are delicate and impressionable. Soaking up everything encounter, our future generation are individuals who waiting for a sculptor to shape their minds in order to better prepare them to take on the challenges of world of tomorrow. These young individuals can be simply seen as eager individuals who are for individuals to take on the responsibility presented above. A grand responsibility such as this is under every educator’s job description along with many other extensive responsibilities. Essentially, educators take on many different roles and possess a multitude of skills that are needed to both push and support our students into becoming intelligent, apt, and inquisitive individuals who are college, career, and life ready. With a responsibility such as this, educator’s must construct and maintain a philosophy of education to serve as their lifeblood. Before the creation of this philosophy, knowledge of the characteristics and needs of learners must be acquired.
The characteristics and needs of early childhood learners are abundant ,and are key to be knowledgeable of in order to teach early childhood learners. Educator’s should rapidly take advantage of the learning capacity of early childhood learners because they soak up anything they see and hear like a sponge. . Early childhood learners looks to educators to serve as models for the skills and attitudes they must acquire to gain independence. Students must learn to imitate and practice what they observe and learn. This opportunity can be very engaging to students and it also fosters perseverance for students. Educators must design activities and environment that promotes mastery and au...

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...hildhood classrooms. Above all else, I want to build positive relationships with my students so they will respect me and my rules more. From the start of the first day, I plan on teaching and drilling my routines, rules, and procedures so that students are well aware of my expectations. Consistency in the implementation and enforcement of my routines, rules, and procedures are key to successful classroom management. I will immediately combat any misbehaviors by not making a big deal about them. I will a number of techniques that will be effective in quietly and discretely combat misbehaviors such as the following: the evil eye, signals, and sticky notes to inform students of expectations or misbehaviors. I will maintain close proximity to areas in the classroom that problems are likely to occur and frequently walk amongst my class to monitor for on-task behaviors.

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