Essay on Buddhism And The Wisdom Of Confucianism

Essay on Buddhism And The Wisdom Of Confucianism

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A girl walked by and raised a question to me, “Ay, do you Chinese people eat puppies?” I was more than defenseless against such an insult. Personally, I am not a dog eater. Before I could use Google, I never realized there is a tribe in China that celebrates a dog-eating festival. I used to have faith in my people, the most modest, humble and diligent race. I used to be proud of my country, the country settled upon philanthropism of Buddhism and the wisdom of Confucianism. After I came to the United States to discover more diversity of this world, my views have changed. My primary goal is simple: to learn what I cannot learn in China, to pick up the missing pieces that a Chinese education cannot give me. Two years have passed, I cannot help realizing the more sparkling pieces I pick up, the more I have to lose. Every minute, I am fed with massive English textbooks, News, Television shows, novels, and films. Every day, I breathe the air with an anti-communist perfume. I see the contentious role that China is acting on the global stage. I learn that Communism is the major devil and that Democracy is the superhero. I overhear history written on my Chinese textbook being a complete fraud. I realize how caged I was before I was exposed to this new world. Thus, I feel sympathetic when I read Malcolm X’s “Saved.” From his essay and my personal experience, I learn that study is a consistent act to overthrow and reestablish knowledge.
In Malcolm X’s “Saved,” he talks about the pride of being African Americans, and he argues, “The white man is the devil.” His admiration to Islamic religious leader Elijah Muhammad motivated him to self-study in prison. Starting by copying the dictionary word by word, Malcolm was able to read and write decent...

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...rtainty I used to hold as the only truth.
Again I look at Malcolm X. I imagine him reading in the dim light. He read pages that tell the agonizing history and pessimistic future of Africa. To Malcolm, he could have chosen to ignore the injustice and precede his life as a street crook, but he rejected this easy response. Knowledge made Malcolm feel obligated to devote his life to vanquish white men’s superiority over the African race, and eventually made him one of the greatest human rights activists in African history. Therefore, to learn is to empower one to reconstruct his or her understanding towards this world.
Last time I went back to China and I was chatting with a local taxi driver. Abruptly he asked, “So did anyone in America mistreat you? I know the white guys are violent.” To answer him, I raised a question, “Well, when was the last time you ate a puppy?”

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