Buddhism And Christianity Are Different Religions Essay

Buddhism And Christianity Are Different Religions Essay

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Buddhism and Christianity are different religions. Both have numerous similarities as well as differences that one might find really interesting to look at in details. These two religions have certain beliefs, values and traditions which are really compatible. On the other hand, some of these values, beliefs and traditional practices are quite contradicting and conflicting. This makes the study of these two religions an inevitable and pleasurable task. Theology historians have raised adequate concerns and issues relating to connections between Buddhism and Christianity. They claim that there is strong comparability between the characters of Jesus and Buddha, especially their lives and teachings.
First, I will start by looking at the various similarities between Buddhism and Christianity. Both religions are based on the golden rule which concerns individual well being as well as the interests of other people. Both Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ taught their disciples about the welfare of all human beings. They encouraged their followers to do good to others the same way they would like others do unto them. Jesus and Buddha preached the importance of social values and ethics. Both Buddha and Jesus rejected and highly condemned excessive asceticism and emphasized on self-liberation.
The object of both Buddhism and Christianity is peace. Peace of mind, body and spirit, in a personal sense, a social sense and a universal sense. Although they share the same goal, adherents of the faiths have difference conceptions of what a ‘state of peace’ encompasses, and the path to which it may be attained. For Christians, the ultimate peace is in the afterlife, in heaven, where believers will find their salvation. In heaven there is no sin, Christian...

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...hristianity, the salvation comes as a free gift for accepting Jesus in one’s life.
Moreover, Buddhism does not believe that God may love His people. Buddhists believe in existence of many gods who perform various specific duties, for example, the god of love, goddess of fertility and god of harvest. In contrast, Christians believe in one supreme Good who performs a variety of responsibilities such as loving His devotees, taking care of the people as well as providing them with both spiritual and material needs.
In conclusion, it is inherently impracticable to deny high possibilities of interrelation between Buddhism and Christianity. From historical information, it is evident that Christianity borrowed much of its attributes from Buddhism. Jesus’ teachings were derived from Buddhism. Indeed, Buddhism had considerable direct influence on the development of Christianity

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