Buddhism : A Spiritual Path Of Peace Essay

Buddhism : A Spiritual Path Of Peace Essay

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When people think of Buddhism, the first things they would generally think about are monks and temples. However, that is not all of what Buddhism is really about. Buddhism is a popular religion, a belief system that relates humanity to an order of existence, like many others such as Christianity and Catholicism. Buddhism encompasses many traditions and beliefs based off the teachings of the Buddha, mainly focusing on peace, compassion, and relief from suffering. (insert source here)
Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, is known to be an enlightened being who revealed a spiritual path of peace, love, and wisdom. Various traditions of Buddhism believe that there are many different Buddhas from the past and in the future. The Buddha was born in northern India as Siddhartha Gautama. He was born into the son of the ruling Shakya clan and lived as royalty in his early years of life. Never once was he exposed to the ills of the world until the age of twenty-nine, when he first observed the sufferings of the world. He renounced his wealth and family and decided to live as an ascetic. He practiced meditation and challenged himself to live a life of self-mortification, control of desires by self-discipline. However, after fainting from weakness, he decided to abandon that lifestyle and concluded that it was not liberation from suffering. (insert source here)
Siddhartha sat under a rose-apple tree to meditate as he once did when he was a child. He meditated there for forty-nine days and received enlightenment, when he found the cause to suffering, which was greed, selfishness, and stupidity. (Buddahnet) This later became a part of the foundation of Buddhism and was identified as the Four Noble Truths. The Four Noble Truths consists of...

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...terlife, karma. The bible also presents the story of Buddha and how he came to enlightenment. Along with the story of Buddha, there are also passages that explain the Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path.
Buddhism is an important religion in which some would even call a philosophy. Though it originated in India, its influences has spread greatly throughout the world and has had a huge impact on many Asian and Western culture. Buddhism has a lot to offer for many people, regardless of the situation they’re in. For example, during times of stress, people enjoy meditating and finding peace. Others can read from its bible to find understanding as well. Although practices can differ among Buddhists, its core traditions are still there. Buddhists will always respect the Buddha and his teachings and continue to promote his teachings of peace, compassion, and relief.

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