Bubonic Plague Is A Bacterial Infection Caused By Yersinia Pestis Essay

Bubonic Plague Is A Bacterial Infection Caused By Yersinia Pestis Essay

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Bubonic plague is a bacterial infection caused by Yersinia pestis. This infection was named after Alexandre Yersin, a bacteriologist and physician who first discovered that this bacterium was the cause of the bubonic plague. Bubonic plague is known by different names such as Black Death and Black Plague. Black Death and Black Plague seemed to have been the perfect names at the moment because black symbolizes pain, misery, and death. The appearance of a black dot in the underarm area also influenced the naming of this disease. Skin tissues would become damaged causing a black discoloration of the skin. This infection was also known as the Great Plague. In earlier times, it was also called “The Great Mortality” because numerous people succumbed to this disease. Black Death was first heard of in Asia between the years of 1338 and 1339 and quickly spread to other countries. This disease is most common in people who like to be outdoors and around animals. Bubonic plague in its many forms is a serious disease and has caused million of deaths.
The Yersinia pestis infection can result in three different forms of the plague: bubonic, septicemic and pneumonic. These plagues are normally contracted in the same manner which will be discussed later. Bubonic is the most common form of the plague. Bubonic plague normally involves bacteria entering the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes then become infected and swollen and result in expansion. This expansion causes black buboes to appear. The expansion of the lymph nodes can also cause the infection to pass into the bloodstream. When plague bacteria multiplies in the bloodstream septicemic plague will occur. Blood circulation is affected causing clots, blackening, gangrene and death of tissues. Ex...

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...s. Life was filled with gloom, dread, and fear while crime and warfare increased because of this disease. Black Plague could not be avoided and attempts to flee from one area only led to its spread in other areas. This disease did not discriminate either, killing at every level of society. Death normally occurred within four days after onset of illness, making it difficult to treat this disease. Attempts were made through songs, games and epilogs to try to display the true feelings, woes, and anxieties associated with this disease. “Ring Around the Rosy” was a child’s game sang and played that depicted the symptoms and death associated with the bubonic plague. Children often sang the words:
Ring around the rosy
Pocketful of posies
Ashes, Ashes
We all fall down. (Cantor 5)
The ring refers to flulike symptoms and a red circular skin rash commonly found in an

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