The Bubonic Plague And The Great Mortality Essay

The Bubonic Plague And The Great Mortality Essay

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Throughout history, the world has witnessed and experienced many tragic events. These events range from natural disasters and mass murders to famine and disease. This particular essay is going to focus on disease. We have encountered many diseases that have had a tremendous affect, on lives and the ways of living, from Polio to the “Great Mortality”. In this essay, I want to introduce to you one of the most known disease pandemics that we still are researching and trying to understand. The disease has many names like the “Great Mortality”, the plague, the Bubonic plague and is also known as the “Black Death”. Historians believe that that this particular pandemic is the worst disease that struck during the 1300’s and is the most known disease during that time period. They also view it as a tragedy that swept throughout Europe. I personally agree with them when they mention that this is one of the most well-known and worst pandemics during the 1300’s, but disagree on the view of it being a complete tragedy economically and socially.
In 1347, the “Great Mortality” or Black Death pandemic appeared in Western Europe. This disease arrived to Europe by Genoese merchant ships. The Genoese were traders; looking to trade spices, silk, porcelain and many other raw materials. Along with the items they were trading were rats and their fleas, which hitched a ride on the boats. It is believed that the disease originated from a battle fought between the Mongols and Genoese merchants, in the Battle of Caffa. This battle is believed to be the first where biological warfare was used. During this time, no European had come into contact with this disease, so they were unable to combat the disease and help those who were sick. It wasn’t until the 19...

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...w all of the classes depend on each other in order to become more successful as a whole.
In history, we often see that in order to move forward we have to experience a tragic and life changing event to help motivate us to move forward. By the 15th Century, we see that the effects of the Black Death did destroy 25-75% of the population, but it also helped Europe into a new age. It gave the lower classes a new opportunity to make a better life for themselves and at the same time showed landlords, Kings and many others of high class that in order to recover from this tragic event everyone needs to work together, in order to rebuild. This was also the first glance of capitalism in the making, which is why I don’t see the Black Death pandemic as all tragedy, but a new a stepping stone to how out life now was impacted by the effects and has been changed due to the event.

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