Essay about Bryan Bartlett's Life and Accomplishments

Essay about Bryan Bartlett's Life and Accomplishments

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Between the 1921, APFA (American Professional Football Association) season and the 2013, NFL (National Football League) season, more than 125 Green Bay Packers players attempted a pass, and the team had 51 different starting quarterbacks (“Records”). A quarterback is “a back in football who usually lines up immediately behind the center and directs the offense of the team” (“Quarterback”). Out of all the starting quarterbacks for Green Bay, only two are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Arnie Herber and Bryan Bartlett “Bart” Starr (“Records”). Born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1934, Starr played for the Crimson Tide in college, and was selected in the 17th round of the 1956 NFL draft by Green Bay, the 200th overall selection. He is known not only for his feats as a quarterback, but also for his involvement in the community, and for being an excellent role model. The preeminent quarterback in Green Bay Packers history is Bart Starr, as evidenced by his passing statistics, playoff success, and many awards.
Bart Starr’s passing statistics confirm that he was an exceptional quarterback during his time with the Packers. Starr completed 1,808 passes for a total of 24,718 yards during his 16 year career with Green Bay (“Bart”). In the history of the Packers, Starr is second in terms of career passing yards to only Brett Favre, a quarterback who started 96 more games than Starr. In addition, Starr led the league three times in completion percentage, and led the league four times in passing percentage, both team records (“Records”). It was truly incredible the amount of success Starr had, but much of it can be attributed to his work ethic and dedication to perfection. Starr’s father was a U.S. Air Force master sergeant, and ran hi...

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