Bruce Lee, The Best In History Essay

Bruce Lee, The Best In History Essay

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Athletes come and go, but their legacy never leaves them. In recent years, there have been deaths by young athletes. Dale Earnhardt, a NASCAR driver, who received a painful death when his car crashed into the wall. Walter Payton, a NFL running back, perhaps the greatest running back of all time because of his ability to change the momentum of the game. Bruce Lee, the greatest martial artist in the history of this sport. He changed everything. He is associated with the poem by A.E. Housman.
The poem, “Young Athletes Dying Young” written by A.E. Housman gives inspiration to those who are athletes but teaches them that anything can happen. According to Mark Ruby, “A. E. Housman's ‘To an Athlete Dying Young’ was published in his first collection, A Shropshire Lad, in 1896 and is generally considered one of his best poems. Like much of the poet's work, its themes include the preciousness of youth and the nature of early death. It is a speaker's narrative, or dramatic monologue, that tells the story of an athlete, a runner, who has died at the peak of his youthful and abundant athleticism. The lyrically presented images contain the irony that the same crowd of townspeople who once carried the runner on their shoulders after he had won a race now carries him to his place of final rest” (Overview). Young Athletes around fear that one thing in their career is losing their stats and records. In sports as the years go by, better and stronger athletes are getting in these leagues and it is getting harder to even compete.
Jun Fan other known as “Bruce Lee” made a name for himself in the martial arts. According to a biography, “The Japanese occupation was Bruce’s first prescient memory, but Hong Kong had been a British Crown Colony since th...

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