Bruce Almighty : What Is God Of Mysticism? Essay

Bruce Almighty : What Is God Of Mysticism? Essay

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Quid Sit: What is God of Mysticism in Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty is a great movie because it shows mysticism in an over exaggerated way. The mysticism that is shown in this movie is how God’s mysticism is seen by Christians. In the beginning of the movie, Bruce is not getting anything that he wants in life, and he is constantly questioning God and asking him why he is doing this to him. “Faith is essentially based on divine acts. It consists of declaring that God intervenes in human history” (Danielou, 82). Bruce is constantly asking God to fix the situations that are going wrong in his life, and this is an example of showing that faith is much more obtainable when specific acts are done to an individual by God. Mysticism is a very important part of Christianity because we never really obtain any proof that God exists. We just have to believe.
Bruce finally gets fed up with his life and asks God to reveal himself, and when Morgan Freeman “God” reveals himself Bruce is in denial and does not believe that he is God. “Thus God is unknown and Hidden in us. But seldom does ma...

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