The Brothers Karamazov : The Intellectual Of The Family Essay

The Brothers Karamazov : The Intellectual Of The Family Essay

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The human mind is comprised with personalities,emotions, and states, all of which influence the way we act. This is seen in our novel, The Brothers Karamazov, every character at first was characterized into one specific way. For example Dimitri was thought of as the rebellious and reckless one, Alyosha was the religious one, and Ivan was believed to be the atheist. But as the novel developed we got to see different parts of all characters and we saw (actually we read) how they had developed to be more than just plain stereotypes of people’s personalities. One character I saw myself in was Ivan, not because of his lack of belief but because of his struggles. He struggled with mankind and God. He doubted both, which at one point I seemed to do as well
In the novel Ivan Fyodorovich Karamazov is seen as the intellectual of the family. The reasonable one of everyone. No one can outwit him, he can argue circles around everyone who does not agree with him. He seems to have an opinion about everything, and when you think you have him figured, he turns the tables. We also classify Ivan as the common atheist. Ivan rejects God due to his love of humanity. It is his non justification of human suffering, especially the suffering of children that lead him to believe that God is a malicious being. He further analysis his ideas in his poem "The Grand Inquisitor," where he rejects God and questions why he would allow humans to have free will. When all that humans do is cause chaos and destruction. Due to his inevitable ways of trying to justify everything he isolates himself from everyone. He liked to roam alone and barely showed any emotion. His struggles with humanity further separated him from all humanity. His love for humanity conflicted wit...

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...t people. Mankind is afraid of what is to come in the afterlife there for perform good deeds. Not because they want to but because they have to in order to rest in peace in the afterlife. There for Ivan’s philosophy is that “ everything is permitted and mankind can do as they like.” I happen to agree with Ivan. I believe most humans, not all, but most don’t do good to be a good person. They act good and follow rules just to get a pass to heaven. There is centuries of fear embedded into the people who follow any form of Christianity.
Now I still have my doubts and questions but I don’t decide to suffer over these, yes they tend to bother me. But I’m sure I will not allow them to take control of my life and drive me to the point of insanity such as Ivan. It is healthy to live life with questions but it is unhealthy to let your doubts and questions take a hold of you.

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