Brothel Mustang Ranch and its Women Written by Alexa Albert Essay

Brothel Mustang Ranch and its Women Written by Alexa Albert Essay

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The social deviance anomie theory also known as strain theory is defined as means to an end. This means that if the goals that society holds for people are unreachable individuals may turn to illegitimate ways of getting there. Throughout this paper I will provide details as to why we should use anomie theory when defining deviance among brothel workers presented in Brothel Mustang Ranch and its Women written by Alexa Albert.
Anomie theory presents many key factors that we will examine and then put them in context with the actions of the sex workers, the motivations of clientele, particular problems of the sex workers, and other experiences in their professional or private lives, that can be explained by utilizing the anomie theory. First off, we know that these brothel workers turned to prostitution for a reason so we need to analyze what goals were not being met for them to turn to “deviant acts”. Deviance is defined as violations of society norms that result in negative sanctions. According to Robert Merton, there are five general responses to goal attainment, Conformist, Innovationist, Ritualists, Retreatists, along with Rebels and each one we will discuss further.
Conformist is defined by an individual that follows the rules of society. They maintain the “right” way to succeed and work hard to reach those goals. Albert is the greatest example of a conformist from the book. Albert is dedicated to researching the condom usage among prostitutes but does so in the right manner. After being turned down a time or two, she finally got the opportunity to advance her knowledge. Instead of choosing deviant acts in order to obtain the information she was looking for, her patience, motivation, and hard work paid off in the end.
An inn...

... middle of paper ... with being a stripper is not a family oriented job position. The clients are out seeking attention from another female that is not their life long partner so to think that legalized brothels are the blame for men having affairs is absurd. If a person is determined to cheat then they are destined to find a way, even if that means gaining a secret lover. The women are people just as everyone else; they just need the necessary tools to prove that. Many of the women were educated at least with a high school diploma, some came from broken homes with absent fathers, while others grew up in two-parent homes, and fewer than half reported having experienced childhood sexual abuse (pg. 67). The underlining issues presented here are the goals that society presents and the means or ability to achieve them.

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Brothel Mustang Ranch and its Women by Alexa Albert

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