Brooklyn, New York And The City That Never Sleeps Could Be A Dream Essay

Brooklyn, New York And The City That Never Sleeps Could Be A Dream Essay

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As a young child growing up in the city that never sleeps could be a dream, that was reality for her. Jayla’s hometown was Brooklyn, New York. She loved being around all her family and friends. Jayla would often run the streets with her cousins getting into all kinds of trouble. Growing up with only one parent she wasn’t apart of the wealthiest family. The school system Jayla was enrolled in wasn’t very good either. It didn’t keep the student grounded, the teachers didn’t expect high standards and they didn’t uphold values in the students either. Jayla didn’t pay it all any attention as a child her goal was to have fun and live freely. In the seventh grade her beloved dream came to an end when her mom received a job offer in Baltimore, Maryland.
Brooklyn, New York is a beautiful place to live, but it is not an ideal place to raise a child as a single mother. Yolanda, Jayla’s mother, was working multiple jobs in order to provide for herself and Jayla. Yolanda was currently in college as a Criminal Justice major but to raise Jayla she needed money so she had to work and go to school at the same time. While Jayla’s mom was working, friends and family would always surround Jayla. Jayla’s grandmother mostly took care of her, Grandma D she called her. “Grandma D always took me to school and picked me up, I love her so much”. When her mother couldn’t attend school events Grandma D would always go for her. Although Jayla’s grandmother did the best she could with helping to raise Jayla, she couldn’t escape all the trouble. She would casually get into minor fights in school and sometimes even get in trouble with the teachers. Even though Yolanda had a lot going on when she did have enough time on her hands she spent every...

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...r than ever.
At the end of the move and with Jayla still living in Baltimore, Maryland she is now twenty years old she still doesn’t like the fact she had to move. But on the contrary she knows she is a better person because of it. She says “if it wasn’t for me moving I probably would have been a rough-neck like my cousins back in New York”. This move help with the upbringing of Jayla and it helped Yolanda provide a more stable lifestyle for her daughter to live. In the future Jayla would like to move back to New York because they have more opportunities in the career she wants to pursue; which is a radio host. If it weren’t for the move “I wouldn’t be who I am today”. Jayla plans to take the morals and values she was taught while she was in Baltimore back to New York with her to influence her cousins and other family members that can or need to do better.

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