Bronfenbrenner 's Theory Of Comfort Essay

Bronfenbrenner 's Theory Of Comfort Essay

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I. Introduction with a brief summary of the theory
Kolcaba 's Theory of Comfort was first developed in the 1990s. This is a theory and has the potential to place comfort in the forefront of health-care. Comfort is a basic need. The model; comfort is an immediate desirable outcome of nursing care. The environment is any aspect of the patient, family, or institutional surroundings that can be manipulated by a nurse or loved one in order to enhance comfort. Health is considered to be optimal functioning in the patient, as defined by the patient, group, family, or community. Comfort can occur for the patient as physical, psycho-spiritual, environmental, and socio-cultural. Malinowski, A., & Stamler, L. (2002).
II. Discuss why this theory was chosen
I chose this theory because as a nurse, I believe for the patient to begin healing they need to have comfort. The body, mind and soul. The concept of comfort being a basic human need and to be pursued by all human beings. This theory by Kolcaba (1991), denoted the existence of three comfort needs, which are associated with three comfort states. The need for the person or being to be in a comfortable state. The need for relief from discomfort and the renewal sense which includes education, motivation and/or inspiration to achieve comfort.
III. Discuss at least two ways this theory could be applied to practice
I practice nurses strive to provide comfort to their patients in whatever environment they practice. Comfort is a holistic approach and because it designates a dynamic and multifaceted state of persons thinking about the outcome of comfort requires an intra-actional perspective. A key approach to providing for physical and emotional comfort is to create an environment condu...

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...deas provide a significant foundation for considering all dimensions of the patient and environment that relate to comfort. Kolcaba 's theory identifies a taxonomy of factors to consider in assessment and intervention. Nurses practice evidence and experiences provide additional insights into what comprises comfort care. Implementation of pharmacological and holistic interventions. The anxiety from the environmental noises, alarms, visual congestion of beds and stretchers, repetitive questioning that supports needs for privacy. Patient are seeking a soothing environment that promotes healing. Comfort is an indispensable holistic element congruent to human care. Kolcaba includes definitions of key elements of her nursing theory, to include intervening variables that are not likely to change, and over which health care providers have little control.

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