Bronfenbrenner Developed The Ecological System Theory Essay

Bronfenbrenner Developed The Ecological System Theory Essay

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Developmental Profile #1
1. Bronfenbrenner developed the ecological system theory to show us how in a child’s surroundings it affects how the child grows and develops. Tells us how if a child is encouraged to eat healthy and have great nutrition the better off the child will be and will be able to grow up to be healthy. Every child has a special genetic and biologically influenced personality.
Piaget is a biologist that study’s the development of children’s understanding. His idea plus thought was to try and understand their world. He clams the thinking of children and how it does not develop smoothly; instead it moves into completely brand new areas and capabilities.
Freud was a Viennese doctor who believed that a child’s sexual desires would control how their personalities developed and if the child was going to be well-adjusted when they grew up to be adults. Freud described the children going through several stages of sexual development. He marked these stages as oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital. Each stage focused in on sexual activity. It says that today Freud theory is not considered to be accurate.
2. The first stage of prenatal development is Germinal Stage. This stage occurs when the male sperm fertilizes the female egg. Normally, one egg is let go once a month from a woman’s ovary and this process is called ovulation. This egg then makes it’s way to the fallopian tube. This procedure can take as much as ten hours after ejaculation. Fertilization happens when the sperm can successfully enter the ovum’s membrane. The genetic material of the sperm and egg then will unite into a single cell called a zygote and the germinal stage of the prenatal development has happened.

... middle of paper ... that best fits them, the method will start to become more natural to them and they will want to learn that way for the rest of their life. As an adult, it needs to be encouraged to use one of these learning styles and help the child stick to which ever ones help them learn better.

4. Personal Reflection:
I personally think this information would be important to know and keep in the back of your mind because it will help those who deal with kids now. Help them teach their kids and raise their kids to be the best and well-developed child they can be. Also this will help those who do not have kids and who I would say is to young to have a kid, help them understand how much work, effort, and time you have to put into a child and that they will need all your attention. This information will help those working with children and help those not working with children.

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