The Broken Window Theory Of Urban Decay Essays

The Broken Window Theory Of Urban Decay Essays

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In 1982 James Q. Wilson and George Kelling developed a theory call “The Broken Window Theory.” The theory is based on the aesthetics of urban decay in neighborhoods, which perpetuates and fosters a canvas for the causation of serious criminal activity and social disorder to flourish. Today, the theory is much more than a “broken window.” The principles include social disorganization, lack of social capital, neglected properties, and economically distressed communities on government assistance due to the lack of economic opportunities. In addition, media and social media outlets have created and sustained a false narrative vilifying law enforcement causing civil unrest in urban areas. The malign actions of a few officers have created an anti-law enforcement sentiment creating to a new anomalous variable to the broken window theory. Old and new principles are causing self-inflicted property damage and unnecessary violence throughout communities across America.
Criminals are a lot less inclined to commit crimes in communities where there are vigilant efforts by members of the community to report crime, upkeep their properties, pick up trash and rid areas of unsightly graffiti. When people have a sense of empowerment within their community, the quality of life is elevated for all. This creates the social cohesions and better quality of life and eventually eradicates criminal activity within the community. Residences with a vested interest in their communities will not tolerate criminal activity.
Social interactions within densely populated areas are paramount in preventing crime. Therefore, how does urban and suburban neighborhoods address and rid their communities of phenomenon of violent crime?...

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...ers exhibit a lot more emotions compared to non-offenders regardless of that individuals’ personality traits. People, regardless of whether they committed a criminal act or not are not, are not at homeostasis when they are part of a criminal investigation by police. The HEXACO model along with a more in-depth method needs to be performed in the field to penetrate the venire from which these groups of applicants were gauged after participating in the HEXACO personality model.

Gila, C. (2009). Gender Differences in Crime, Drug Addiction, Abstinence, Personality Characteristics, and Negative Emotions. Journal Of Psychoactive Drugs, 41(3), 255-266.
Rolison, J., Hanoch, Y., & Gummerum, M. (n.d). Characteristics of offenders: the HEXACO model of personality as a framework for studying offenders ' personality. Journal Of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, 24(1), 71-82.

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