Broken Window Policing And Crime Rates Essay

Broken Window Policing And Crime Rates Essay

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Kelling created Broken Window Policing to maintain clean and organized neighborhoods in order to decrease possible crimes. Kelling designed the theory using vague language, which allowed for multiple interpretations when designing broken window policing. Instead of reducing crime rates, this policy over criminalized small crimes. The results of broken window policing did not meet Kelling’s expectations, which resulted in him blaming the negative results of the policy on bad policing. But the negative outcomes of the policy did not arise from just bad policing; Kelling’s broken window policing opened the door for discriminatory practices, and fed the prison system. Not only is the policy problematic, but it has not lead to a decrease in crime rates. Broken window policing created new problems while not solving the original ones.
The problem with broken window policing starts with the study that informed the policy. In the study, they neglect to factor in the financial needs of their subjects. The study of Broken Window was based on the results received from higher income neighborhoods; in those neighborhoods financial circumstances are not crucial to families. Financial factors vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and even from family to family within the same neighborhoods. Ignoring this financial need in the areas where the studies were done lead to fundamental misunderstandings in the theory. The study generalizes the outcome of one broken window. Having a broken window on any property does not automatically lead to more broken windows, like suggested by the results of the cars placed in California and the Bronx. The level of desperation of families due to their financial circumstances leads to increasing crime rates. ...

... middle of paper ... restructured. Police officers should be retrained and taught how to treat people with special needs, and other circumstances. Police officers are trained to use harsh tactics designed for rapists and robbers. Cops should not treat a man selling untaxed cigarettes the same way they treat a rapist; they should have different attitudes for different people.
Such a problematic policy starts from a weak foundation. Kelling purposely made this policy ambiguous in order to leave it open for interpretation of each state willing to practice it, for that reason he was able to blame bad policing for the negative effects of the policy. The vagueness of the policy lead to all the problems the policy has, it created discriminatory practices, and unintentionally fed the prison system. Broken window policing did not decrease crime rate, what it intentionally was set to achieve.

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