Broken Oaths And Medea 's Revenge Essays

Broken Oaths And Medea 's Revenge Essays

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Broken Oaths and Medea’s Revenge
What is an oath? The dictionary’s definition of an oath is: a solemn promise, often invoking a defined witness, regarding one’s future action or behavior. In assessing the character, of the many facets of the complex personality of Medea, in the Greek Tragedian Play, one must first get a feeling for the author of the play. In an article written by Fletcher in which she analyzes three of the play writer’s plays, Euripides is known to have women tendering oaths to men, which in that time was an extreme social challenge to the hierarchy of society (Fletcher). The oaths that they were asking men to undertake were on three levels. The oath between man, woman and with the god who later serves as the guarantors of the oat (Fletcher). As in the case of the character Medea, who entered into a similar oath or contract with Jason, her husband, was triangular in nature, between him, her and god. Medea’s character, although complex for this particular play, hinges on revenge as the underlying motives behind all of her actions towards her husband Jason and her two children.
In analyzing the character Medea in Euripides play Medea, we will take a chronological approach to the play and the activities that occurred which lends credibility to who she is and her personality. To put it plainly, according to Hopman this is a story of revenge of a woman against her husband who left her for a new bride (Hopman). Marriage is the central theme, as there is much tension between Medea and Jason. Although Jason believes that his new marriage will benefit Medea, she views him as the enemy. This play is a Greek tragedy that is based on a traditional story, according to Euripides, and initially we find Medea, a sorceress a...

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...lty for her husband. When they were exiled to Corinth, she stood by his side with their two children. It was only when her husband took it upon himself to abandon her for the King’s daughter did she start to exhibit personality disorders that would eventually lead to the death of Glauce and her two boys. Medea’s character can be summarized as one of an extremely mean spirited, revengeful wife who was possessed with extracting revenge on the parties that were responsible with contributing to the break-up of her marriage. Perhaps the sorcery aspect in her life and repertoire had a great deal to do with her unforgiving nature. I believe that she felt alone, as she fled her own country, friends and family to start anew with Jason, and that total lack of love and belonging with her, eventually changed her personality to one of extreme hate, deception and revenge.

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