Broken Down Too Far: A Total Instituions Essay

Broken Down Too Far: A Total Instituions Essay

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Suicide is classified as the act of killing oneself intentionally. It is a very touchy subject that affects all people differently when they hear the word. Tyler Clementi was a freshman at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Tyler is no longer a freshman at the Institution famous for being the birthplace of college football. Tyler is gone, and will never come back to complete his college career, get a successful job, or marry someone who makes him happy. Clementi was harassed, humiliated, and emotionally and spiritually destroyed by one of his classmates who was bred to do such a thing at this total institution. Tyler Clementi was the victim of a Total Institution. A Total Institution is not, a closed Institute that breeds men and women of discipline, determination, and uniformity; It is a cut off society so marginalized itself that it causes its members to lose their ego, personality, destroys one's self esteem and ruins them from the person they were or might ever have become. Clementi being trapped with his roommate in the total institution he belonged to was driven to the edge by Harassment Intimidation and Bullying that was based on his sexual preference. Only in a closed Institution, in this case Rutgers University would something like this happen. Rutgers is not the only place however, where foul behavior runs rampant as if part of daily life.

Although I concede that a Total Institution may promote hard work, it does not do anything for the individuals personal goals, drive, or ambitions. It makes them a walking drone of sameness. Many students who enroll in a place like the Citadel, a South Carolina Military College, often give up everything they came to the Institute with, as soon as they walk through t...

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...urvive the world completely fine. A total institution is detrimental to the individual and society and promotes hazing, illegal activities, and absurd behavior that only a total institution could produce in the young men and women of our country. Their honor codes are a falsely stated method of making students submit to a higher authority and they are run in a barbaric manner that teaches the message of brutality being okay.

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