British Rule Of Indi The Most Powerful Empire Of Its Time Essay

British Rule Of Indi The Most Powerful Empire Of Its Time Essay

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Imperial Britain was the most powerful empire of its time. The British would capture any country that they felt had resources to offer. There is no argument that the British made their impact on the way India is today. India, before Britain, was a country filled with groups of independent princedoms but this all changed under British rule. The British introduced English to the Indians and later on started educating the Indians in a Western Fashion. In addition to the language they brought to India, they also brought industrial advances with them. Even though the British took harsh measure to gain rule of India, India would not be as developed as it is now without the British and would not be one of the world 's largest industrial countries without their influences.
India has always been a diverse country, even before British rule. India is one of the oldest regions in the world. Early civilization first appeared in the Indus River Valley between 3000 and 2000 BC, invaders began coming through Afghanistan into northern India (“India”). India has been prone to invaders since the beginning of time. All the invasions of the country of India throughout its past has made it an immensely diversified country. The first several waves of Islamic invaders appeared in the northwest and spread Islam gradually eastward and southward during the 8th century where it reached its territorial and cultural peak under the
Pinedo 2
Mughal dynasty (“India”). People who study India’s diverse history have a better comprehension of why there is so many different cultures and beliefs throughout it. A country that has been invaded and inhabited by all these different people with different backgrounds is bound to be a...

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...lthough they did not agree with their way of living, they had to share their land as one with them.
In conclusion there is no telling if India would of advanced as much as it did without British colonialism. Although the British were manipulative in their way of conquering the country, India would not have many of the traits it has to offer today without British influence. Cruel measures were taken as a tactic to gain control of this vulnerable country in the past but India came out of this ordeal as a strong and diverse independent nation. Finally, it is possible to argue for or against the improvement of India with British rule or without it, but India would not be where it is at to date without the past it has overcome. The english language would not be a major component of the country and it would not be an industrial leader without its history of British rule.

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