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As ages and centuries elapse, mortals faded and embodied the new reincarnation. The love to the world, however, develop immortally. It grows "vaster than empires", it eternizes its "rare virtue", and it remains vivid "as long as men can breathe or eyes can see"(). Through two thousand years of civilization history the British isles, bright or dark, peace or war, flourishing or troublous; the nation bloomed the unique floral that represents the thoughts of people in England. The unique love towards the nation, the humanity, and God has became the Muse of the British authors. Through the periods of history, the eternal love from the people towards the magnificent understandings of England inspire them to innovate during the "curious days" in order to depict their love and passion(). The civilization of human being and the great British Isles, sublimes as an amaranthine that never faded away in people 's delineation. The literature of the British isles reflect on its identity: the spiritual connection between individual and the nation, humanity, and God. Though the language, culture, and national ethos, the love and passion, the deep-rooted love, reveals within.
With a gloriously hoary history, the spirit that represent the nation has been integrate into each individual 's bloodline since the beginning of 200 BCE. As the Celtic arrived from the European continents, the origin civilization of British isle sprouted. During the Ancient Britain era, the society was characterized as gregarious tribal communities that divided into classes and ruled by the elected chieftains. Even though the Romans enforced to establish settlements after 43 CE, by the beginning fifth century, the Roman force withdraw from the land of Britain. The Anglo...

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...r example, the Knights Gwen and the greatest King of England, King Arthur, infer the idea of extraordinary and ordinary in the story. In Sir Gwen and the Green knight, even has been known as the most noble knight in the knights of the round table, facing the risk of death, Gwen couldn 't able to denying the attraction. He decides to take the robe of the lady(?) to protecting himself in the fight without offering a fair and gracious chance of confrontation. As for King Arthur, even though known as the only warrior who is able to take the sword in the stone and perform his duty, he has made numerous mistakes in his life and indirectly leads to the abruption of the Knights of the round table. However, through good and bad, beauty and ugliness, the identities of extraordinary human beings seem more complete and "grounded", which make a more vivid connection to the people

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