The British Influenced The Death Penalty Essay

The British Influenced The Death Penalty Essay

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The British influenced the use of the death penalty in America. In the seventeenth century when European settlers first came into what was he called the New World; they brought harsh practices such as capital punishment to implement their rules. The first execution in the new colonies occurred in Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1608. The person executed was Captain George Kendall excused for being a spy for Spain. There is no greater issue in the United States that separate peoples’ views than that of the use of capital punishment. The debate and arguments over the death penalty is of great importance because it involves death, taking away the life of another human being. Not only does the death penalty involve death, but it involves the deliberate taking of someone else’s life.
The methods used to kill prisoners included hanging, firing squad, electrocution, gas chamber, and lethal injection. These five common methods of capital punishments are not only gruesome and horrific, but they are not humane.
Lethal injection is used as the sole method of execution in twenty states and as ...

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