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Ever since England first colonized in America, the British have brought a lot to our culture including; advancements in the English language, war allies, and popular bands like One Direction. Ever since the nineteen-sixties the British have been recommending that students take a year between secondary school (high school) and uni (college) to travel the world, volunteer, or catch up on some extra courses (Gap Year Wikipedia). In the professional or career world, a gap year is when you stop your formal work life to pursue other interests, generally unrelated to your regular line of work. However, today gap year refers mostly to a year taken between high school and college (Gap Year Wikipedia). The United States should adopt the British gap year between their senior year of high school and freshman year of college. Students would benefit remarkably from this procedure in means of academic, personal, and future plans.
Taking a year between high school and college surprisingly has numerous academic advantages. Twelve, or maybe even more years of your life have been spent in a classroom setting. Taking a break before college will be a refreshing break, especially after all the stress of senior year (Buscher). Counselors at colleges are praising students who take a gap year. Colleges recognize students’ interest in learning and some select colleges even offer scholarship programs to those interested in taking a gap year (Data and Gap Year Benefits). Studies have shown that students who have taken a gap year have a higher GPA than those who haven’t (Taormina). Traveling during your gap year cannot only be an enjoyable experience, but educational as well. If you choose to travel abroad you will learn the country's traditions and culture...

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...t taking a gap year has had positive results. The British have contributed a lot to the United States so I’m sure that the United States can adapt this procedure, and it can be successful.

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