The British East Indies Company Essay

The British East Indies Company Essay

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The rule of the British changed the course of history for India. They came to India at the start of the seventeenth century. The British East Indies Company were one of the greatest powers in India. They started off being in charge of the country. Although most Indians benefited from the British rule many resented it too.
The British East Indies Company began recruiting Indian citizens as troops. They began teaching and training them with their methods,they were called “sepoys”. “The sepoys were commanded by the British officers and were supported by the units of the British army.” ( The Indian soldiers were not satisfied with their pay as well as some of the heavy handed rules. The British took advantage of the Indian economy and left many people jobless and without homes. The British prepared to take apart their caste system and forcibly convert them to Christianity. The British took properties and lands from many landlords, as well as disregarding the oral pledges made by the princes. Matters got worse when their anger reached its highest point. There was a rumor that the British provided the soldiers with cartridges covered with grease made from cows and of pigs . This defiled considered any good for Muslims and Hindu religion. February 1857, a series of incidents in which sepoys refused to use the cartridges, This led to the Sepoy rebellion.
This revolt was not a success, and it led to the end of the company. It also changed the British policy toward Indian states and lead more British control in India. .They divided and separated the Indian soldiers to break down the unity. They also decreed religious tolerance and let Indians into civil services. One of the most important results of the war was th...

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...o lost their jobs because of British machine textile industries. These factors led to the nations uprise among the British to fight against their rule and achieve their freedom for the country. As a result, the British put many people including Gandhi, into jail. This did not stop Gandhi from giving up for what he believed in. Gandhi made a negotiation with the Lord Irwin, from the British. “ the social and legal concessions that he grants such as, withdrawal of repressive laws and promises not to prosecute resisters are more symbolic than concrete. the great Indian resistance of 1930-31 mobilizes the nation as never before to pursue independence, which it finally achieves in 1947.” ( Gandhi set a great example for many years to come. He helped India gain its independence and proved to many people that you can achieve anything with non-violent actions.

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