Essay on British Cotton And Silk Goods

Essay on British Cotton And Silk Goods

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One of the ways that Britain pacified her daughter economies was to create a system in which her daughters supplied commodities. A method for which did this was to places higher duties on manufactured goods from her daughters, and with India this was also definitely the case. This is seen in the trade of cotton and silk. British cotton and silk goods going to India only had a tariff of 3.5% while Indian cotton goods to England had an importation duty of 10% and Indian silk goods at 20% (Romesh Dutt, C.I.E., 101). This forced the Indian economy to focus less on manufactured cotton goods and focus on the export of raw cotton to such a degree that it went from 9,368,000lbs of cotton on average in 1813 to 48,329,660lbs on average by 1838(Romesh Dutt, C.I.E., 101). One of the areas that was most heavily effected was the town of Dacca in Bengal (Romesh Dutt, C.I.E., 105). The town, from which fine muslins were once made, fell from a population of 150,000 to roughly 30,000-40,000 (Romesh Dutt, C.I.E., 105).
From looking at the table above we see an inverse relationship between the cotton goods imported into Britain from India and the cotton goods exported to India from Britain as time went on (Romesh Dutt, C.I.E., 108). The most amazing jump occurred between 1814 and 1821. The amount of cotton goods imported by Britain had dropped to half of what it once was while the amount of cotton manufactures exported to India increased nineteen-fold (Romesh Dutt, C.I.E., 108). Between the 1821 and 1835 the decline of imports from India slowed by roughly 100,000 every seven years while in the same frame the amount of cotton goods sent to India doubled between 1821 and 1828 while only adding nine million more goods between 1828 and 1835 (Romesh Dutt...

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...ked at the colonization of India through a narrow lens. Although India was indeed economically scarred, the English may have contributed positively to what India is today. Dadabhai Naoroji had praised the British government for the abolition of suttee (widow burning) and infanticide, the education of both sexes, the rights of the freedom of speech and press, the security of life and property, and the infrastructural development through railroads, irrigation, and the telegraph (Dadabhai Naoroji, 1). We love to think of something as absolutely right or wrong, but we have to remember that the people who lived there saw everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly, and to them it blended into a complicated shade of grey. Even though India suffered she was able to take whatever she thought was good and run with it, so in the end, even a vile storm cloud has a silver lining.

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