British and Ottoman Empire Imperialism Essay examples

British and Ottoman Empire Imperialism Essay examples

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There is a point of time in certain a country’s history where they become dominant and more powerful than ever before. During this elongated process a country becomes an empire. The British and the Ottomans were states that succeeded in this process, but becoming an empire such as theirs required vast amounts of political and social maneuvering to expand their boundaries, called imperialism. Imperialism is, “a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force”. By becoming a modern nation enjoying economic prosperity and political stability, the British and the Ottomans created an imperialistic impact over the globe with distinctive motivations and approaches especially during the transition period of gaining ample amount power and influence globally.
Britain was not an imperialistic force during the 15th century due to the overwhelming power of Spain and Portugal. These countries had established themselves as titans of the transatlantic system. In fact, “During the fifteenth century [Britain] completely lacked both the economic and strategic potential to participate in early colonialist endeavors” (Wenzlhuemer 362). Britain did not have the financial capabilities to fund such imperialistic efforts and expand their boundaries at that time due to not being as technologically and economically superior like the other empires. However, it all changed after the American Revolution. Britain was powerful at that time, yet Britain became an imperialistic force because many great states around itself were having harsh political climates and instability thus giving Britain an opportunity to take control of foreign areas, and become prosperous all while increasing their military and naval force. It wa...

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