Essay on Britan Did Not Live Up to Their Promises to India

Essay on Britan Did Not Live Up to Their Promises to India

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When millions of Indians enlisted in the army to fight for the British in WWI, many people in India started having nationalistic feelings towards their own country of India. This was brought about by the promise that the British made to the Indian people. This promise was that in return for the service Indians gave during the war, the British would make reforms that would ultimately lead to the Indians themselves being able to rule their own country. The British didn’t live up to their promises.
During the war, the British had taken significantly large loans which they needed to repay. As a result of this, the British increased taxes, rent on land, and prices on necessary goods in India causing Indians to protest. Due to all of these protests, the British then passed the Rowlatt Act which stated that they can arrest any person without being fairly judged in a court of law. During a protest, a British general opened fire without giving a warning to the people. This angered the Indians greatly and caused loyal British Indians to become nationalists. This ultimately led to a common h...

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