Britain 's Greatest Moments During The Victorian Era Essay

Britain 's Greatest Moments During The Victorian Era Essay

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When Queen Victoria took the throne, the role of the monarchy became more symbolic. She brought youth to the throne, where previously ruthless men had controlled the monarchy. Queen Victoria helped support the Whig party and helped alleviate criticism toward the monarchy. Since she was bringing more of a symbolic role to the monarchy, it became even more common for the job of the ruler to serve as a symbolic head of the state. As in all rulers, she had her own views in politics. However, she did not always influence these views directly. Although the way she stated her views was important, there were other things that represented who she was. Being a mother, widow, and monarch was some of her best traits. It is obvious that she had a big impact on the Victorian Era, and more importantly the Victorian women (Elliott, 1991, p. 373).
During Queen Victoria’s reign, one of Britain’s greatest moments was the Industrial Revolution. In the Victorian era many women were tired of the unequal opportunities that were shared between themselves and men. As the Industrial Revolution began, it meant that there would be great change in store for Victorian women. For both women in the workforce and women who lived in a household relying on male income, this meant that they would have better wages and better living conditions. As the Industrial Revolution progressed, women became aware of the rights they had, and that is when the push for education and better pay for work was increased. The Industrial Revolution was a platform in the Victorian era, in which people could see the success of economic development (Tilly, 1994, p. 173).
Women in the Victorian society influenced much of the industrialism in the workplace. Many workplaces...

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...e ideas that women were the underlying sex when it came to physicality and intellect. Women were looked at as homemakers, taking care of the children, cooking meals, and attending to household needs. Education and all teaching aspects for children to learn were women’s responsibility. Serving the children and the spouse of the family was looked at as the woman 's job. Essentially, women were the primary caregivers in the household. The ideology of the Victorian woman was to be a wife and a mother. Ultimately, women in this time were facing forms of slavery. They were treated as a source of property. Once a woman was married to her husband she had essentially no rights. The man owned the women and it was even considered legal to partake in marital rape and beatings. Even women who came from wealth were property of their husband (YILDIRIM, n.d., Para. 1-5).

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