Brisbane: Impacts of Water Management Strategies Essay

Brisbane: Impacts of Water Management Strategies Essay

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1. Introduction
The Queensland region recently suffered its worst drought in over a century. This period was shared with a rapid increase in the city’s population. A combination of severe drought and a rapid increase in population had a permanent impact on the city’s water management strategy. Brisbane population is expected to reach 4.5 million by 2050.
This report aims to look at how the relationship between Brisbane’s water resources and population growth have effected society, the economy and the environment. It will briefly look at the growth rate of Brisbane’s population how this subsequently affected the city’s ability to meet challenges in water demand. The report will critically analyse the State Government five water management strategies. It will explore whether the strategies are environmentally sustainable in the growing population. It will aim to determine whether the strategies effective in protecting the state’s biophysical resource. The report will critically evaluate the current and potential impacts of water management strategies to the biophysical resource base.

2. Population growth and water supply
The population growth of Brisbane has widely been viewed mark of economic prosperity (Wasimi, 2010). The Australian Labor government national policy encouraged population growth by giving financial incentives for people to have more children and encouraging migration (Lowe, 2010). However, the growth affected the city’s capacity to cope with growing demand for water. Brisbane’s water consumption is divided into ‘direct’ such as household water and ‘indirect’ such as commercial use (Rutherford and Finlayson, 2011). Brisbane’s water consumption growing rapidly due to the urban affluent lifestyle such ...

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... (1), p437–447.

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