Bringing Casinos to Ohio

Bringing Casinos to Ohio

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Bringing Casinos to Ohio

Although gambling has been looked at by some as harmless entertainment, it is regarded by others as a unhealthy, and addictive activity that corrupts society.
With various worldly issues pondering many of our minds, Bringing a casino to Ohio seems to be at the top of some voters priority lists. Although, voters passed issue 3, which gave the green light to to bring casinos to Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati, there is no requirement that the casinos are built. Even with the issue being passed theres no way of knowing when we will we will actually see the construction begin.
Some ohioans never believed they would see the day, or hear the talk of bringing casinos to ohio. The process of the approval has been a long road beginning with many denials of passing issue 3. Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected casino gambling in 1990, 1996, and 2008. The closest of those elections was 2006 when gambling was defeated 57
percent to 43 percent. Our decision on whether to support or oppose this latest issue will depend on the pro's and con's we will have to face. Our decision, on whether to support or oppose this latest issue
depended on whether the details revealed the fees and taxes to be in line with what casino operators pay in other states, and whether the proposal for a downtown casino was in the best interests of Cleveland and the region.
The money that some ohioans spend at out of state casinos, can be put to good use here in Ohio, however, ohio can definetly do without the problems claimed to come along with the casino activiy such as, crime, drunkenness, divorce and addiction. Some people are concerned about the effects that a casino would have on poor families, not only would more people gamble, but more people who shouldn’t gamble will. That is, more people who have a gambling problem. Resisting a temptation to drive to Indiana is one thing. Resisting a drive downtown is another. Some people feel, that to expand gambling opportunities is to make a conscious decision to add to society’s social problems, to weaken families, to undermine more lives-whatever alleged good a casino might also do.

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Where there are opinions of negative effects the casino will have, there are also rebuttals. The most common rebuttal to the opinions being that a free society has to put adults in charge of their own lives. Nobody after all, will force anybody to gamble. People ought to have the option.
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