Essay Bring Back the Bracero Program

Essay Bring Back the Bracero Program

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Bring Back the Bracero Program
Each day more and more immigrants legally or illegally cross the US border in search of
better life. The United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world that
treats immigrants better than any other country. The US government gives them a great
personal and political freedom which is very important for most of the immigrants. Moreover, in
this country they are able to get good jobs and to take advantages of America’s social services.
There are thousands of immigrants from Mexico and Central America who live here legally or
not. They leave their families and relatives and move to the foreign country in order to help
them. Illegal immigrants are facing hardships and have a hard life in the USA, but they have no
other choice. In the 1940s and 1950s, the Bracero Program, which was an agreement between the
US and Mexican governments, was executed by Mexico and the United States of America. This
agreement allowed Mexican agricultural workers legally move to the US to work in the fields. In
the 1960s it was stopped. Some people say that this program was not that successful because of
afflictive conditions for farm workers and low wages. However, the Bracero Program should be
brought back because this program may give a chance to immigrants to live in the country
legally and to be able to visit their families. Moreover, children of immigrants will not be left
behind by their parents and will be able to feel their love and care.
History shows that there was an enormous manpower shortage in the USA during the
World War II. The US utilized everything that was available in the country. Healthiest and


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...program and millions
will not face hazardous things by crossing the border and leaving their families behind.
In conclusion, the new Bracero Program will be advantageous not only for the United
States , but also for immigrants. The situation on the US border will be more regulated and less
immigrants will cross the border illegally. It will give a chance to immigrants live in the country
legally and take its benefits of social life. They will be able to visit their families; therefore,
children of immigrants will not be left behind by their parents. More children will have complete

Stepanian 7
families which is very important. Life is a difficult journey and most of the people try to make it
better and more interesting.

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