Essay on `` Bring Back Flogging `` By Jeff Jacoby

Essay on `` Bring Back Flogging `` By Jeff Jacoby

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Imprisonment VS flogging within the world, comparing the amount of criminals from today to 100 years ago, it is assumed that the numbers have gone up drastically. In “Bring Back Flogging” by Jeff Jacoby, he starts his essay off with giving out the history of flogging, beginning with what the criminal did and then explaining the type of punishment that the criminal would receive. While reading “Bring Back Flogging” it is shown how one would get beaten for blasphemy while one would be put into prison today. At the end of “Bring Back Flogging,” Jacoby then tries to convince the audience why flogging is a more beneficial punishment rather than prison. In “Bring Back Flogging” Jacoby does have some very convincing points for why flogging should come back and he also organized his paper in a beneficial way to convince the reader.
When trying to convince an audience through words, such as an essay, it can be a lot more difficult than one would think. While reading essays, it is usually quite simple to notice when the author is attempting to make the reader agree with what they believe. As shown in “Bring Back Flogging” Jacoby makes convincing points to the reader to believe that capital punishment isn’t working and that we should bring back flogging because of the social problems it is causing. Jacoby uses a couple of different ways to convince to the reader, such as when he says, “Meanwhile, the price, of keeping criminals in cages is appalling – a common estimate is $30,000 per inmate per year”. When reading this line in the essay, you then start thinking about how much money these inmates are taking from tax dollars when it could be going to other things that benefit us such as education. One of the most important things a human n...

... middle of paper ... that all of the citizens around could see and shun that criminal. Wow, what a way to punish one for there wrong doings huh, although that could come across as very mean and outrageous, it is proven how it was more beneficial rather than sending a criminal to prison. In order to get flogging approved by the government it would have to be introduced in a new more gentle way.
After starting off with such strong historical memories, Jacoby then moves on to talk about the imprisonment system. Not only does he state how the US uses the imprisonment for any criminal but then talks about how there are so many criminals behind bars even though few Americans believe the prison system works “We cage criminals at a rate unsurpassed in the free world, yet few of us believe that the criminal justice system is a success” (Pg. 192). The people of the US are able to realize how

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