Brigadier Robin Olds as a Leader of Character Essay example

Brigadier Robin Olds as a Leader of Character Essay example

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Brigadier General Robin Olds Jr. was an officer in the Army Air Corps and later an Air Force pilot from 1943 to 1973. From an early age, Olds was surrounded by great fighter pilots who mentored his leadership abilities. He character was also influenced by his father; Robin Olds Sr. Olds’ character was tested time after time as a cadet at West Point and as an Air Force Officer at the squad and wing levels. Robin Olds was a leader of character because of early influences and training, experience as a fighter pilot in World War Two, and his leadership skills as a wing commander in Vietnam.
When Robin Olds Jr. was a child, his father helped guide the development of his son’s character. His father, Captain (later Major General) Robert Olds Sr., was a fighter pilot in World War I who worked with and introduced young Robin Olds to many of the Air Force’s greatest officers including Hap Arnold and Tooey Spaatz. These visits from his father’s friends helped solidify Olds’ vision to be a fighter pilot, as shown when he says that “the brotherhood of pilots impressed [him] as much as the thrill of flying itself” (Olds and Rasimus 6). While Olds’ father was an important influence, his time at West Point was just as influential and tested Olds character as well. One day, Olds and a friend went to New York City during a free weekend. Olds had a “scotch and a soda” and when returning for check-in were confronted by “a guy who seemed to harbor a personal vendetta” (Olds and Rasimus 16). When finally asked if he drank anything, Olds truthfully answered yes and was demoted from cadet captain to private. Olds could have easily said no, but instead he chose to uphold the honor code and answered with the truth. After graduating West Point, Olds con...

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...ilots and maintenance crews. Olds used his influence and these principles of character to help the officers, airmen, and civilians under him. When he needed to get his clearance processed, Olds’ made sure all of the soldiers, rather than just himself, were taken care of. Olds did the same on the Braniff 707, making sure everybody on board was treated equally. Olds never wanted special treatment and often went out of his way to ensure his subordinates were properly cared for. Olds actions throughout his life prove that he was a true leader of character.

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