Brief Overview of Mexico and its Culture Essay

Brief Overview of Mexico and its Culture Essay

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The Real Meaning of Culture: Mexico
When you first hear about Mexico the first things that cross through our minds is Mexicans, Spanish, tacos, spicy food, or illegal aliens. We ignore the fact that it is a country that has its history and beautiful places like any other country in this world. In this course I have learned a little of my origins and culture. I am a Mexican- American raised here in the United States, but honestly did not know much of Mexico. However, in this course I have learned about the culture and the story behind many of the habits that were initiated back then and still existing up to this date in many of Mexican people.
To begin with making plans or initiating a business at Mexico is not as easy at it sounds (Unit 1). The good thing about making business there is that not only they care about making a good business, but knowing well their business partner. In many places you can begin a business and not have a clue of your business partner. In Mexico it is accustomed to know first the person well, welcome them into your family as they welcome you in theirs. In addition, they prefer a good trust worthy friendship over a business deal, many of the agreements are based on knowing each other well, if not they do not make any deal. Like many of us, we consider our family our first priority over anything; they do as well. When they introduce you their family is because they respect you and trust you, when they do so they also feel like you have become part of their family.
One of the couple things that cross your mind when they mention Mexico is spicy food (Unit 2). They have a tendency of eating spicy food on a daily basis. A typical habit they have of eating is three meals per day, desayuno, comida, and ...

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...ppreciate the things we did not see important before we heard about them or did some over views over it. As in my case, in this course, I learned the reason of many things my parents taught me from the habits they were raised from Mexico. I knew where they came from but not the reason or the origin that caused them for. As for the history of Mexico, many people from many places go to visit Cancun, Acapulco, or any other places but go to enjoy the view and not know much of the history behind it.
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