Essay on Brief Library Summary about Fiction Books for Children

Essay on Brief Library Summary about Fiction Books for Children

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Brooks, Gwendolyn. (2007). Bronzeville boys and girls. Illus. by Faith Ringgold New York, NY: Amistad/Harper Collins. 41 pages. Gr. 3-5.

In the book Bronzeville Boys and Girls there are many different poems about African-American children and their daily lives. The first poem is called Mexie and Bridie, it is about two young girls having a tea party beneath the trees. The next poems are about a boy named Val who rides off on his bicycle, a boy and girl who have their aunts and uncles visit. Narcissa sits in her yard not playing, Andre has a dream about parents, Keziah has a secret place he likes to go, and Charles has to stay in bed because he is sick. There are poems about playing in the snow, wanting to move to the country, moving away from your friends, taking care of your mother when she is sick, and the importance of family. Overall Bronzeville Boys and Girls is just about the many different aspects and emotions of childhood.

Key Words:
joy, happiness, beauty, imagination, nature, sadness, fear, reality, friendships, family, playing, freedom of being a child

Parents’ Choice Award, 2007 Gold Poetry United States

2. Brown, Calef. (2006). Flamingos on the roof: poems and paintings. Illus. by Calef Brown. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company. 58 pages. Gr. 3-5.

This book of poems was definitely something unique. It is mainly about just silly people, such as the Bug Show. Where mosquitos are wearing suits and hosting a show. There is even a poem about Medusa’s sister called Sally, who only has one snake for her hair and she will make you stop and talk to her instead of turning you to rock. The poems are very vibrant and silly. There really isn’t an overall theme to the poems, I think they are t...

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Pennsylvania Young Readers’ Choice Award, 2009 Winner Grades 3-6

2. Dicamillo, Kate and McGhee, Alison. (2010). Bink and gollie. Illus. by Tony Fucile.
Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press. 81 pages. Gr. K-3.

A story about two best friends, Bink and Gollie. They are complete opposites
Bink is crazy and messy, while Gollie is more put together and neat. They both love roller skating, peanut butter, and pancakes. Bink and Gollie set out on their adventures together, first buying a new pair of crazy socks, taking a journey to the Andes Mountains, and bringing home a goldfish as a marvelous companion.

Key Words:
compromise, disagreement, friendship, adventure, companionship, imagination, jealousy

Kiddo Award, 2011
New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books, 2010 United States
Theodor Seuss Geisel Award, 2011 Winner United States

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