Brief History of the Constitution Essay

Brief History of the Constitution Essay

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Brief History of the Constitution

After America declared independence no one knew what these former colonies will be or will turn out to. They, the representatives and founding fathers, had a little governing body known as the continental congress. After a long discussion with everyone the all agreed that they needed something to support them, some kind of official document to get them going as a government. The Articles of Confederation was made. Later the “Shay’s rebellion” hit, and everyone knew from that point is that they need a new document that made a stronger federal government, that the Articles of Confederation could not provide, or they will collapse. After tweaking and debating they agreed to ratify the Constitution which also has the Bill of Rights
Amendments and Articles Summaries
Article Summaries
Article I: The first article states that the legislative branch, U.S. Congress, has houses, or parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives. It also states all the powers that the houses are entitled to.
Article II: The second article in the constitution states that the power of the executive branch is given to the President of the United States as long as he/she is in office. The powers, and details of each power, that the President is given are listed
Article III: The third article tells us the judicial power, like what they can do in court, of the United States. Also the article tells how the court system works and what happens in certain scenarios.
Article IV: This article tells the states what they need to do for the nation and what the national government must do for them. Also, explains the “fugitives Slave Clause”, but because of the 13th Amendment it is in no longer affect.
Article V: This articl...

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...e day they went to school they were asked to take them off immediately or be suspended until they agree to the terms of the policy. Mary Tinker and Christopher Eckhardt did not comply and was suspended, a day later John also broke this policy after the warning and also was suspended. They wore those bands until their cause, or protest, was about end in January 1, 1966. Later the Iowa Civil Liberties Union told the families that they can support them if the filed a lawsuit. In the U.S. District Court the school board had their decision sustained and went through to the U.S. Supreme Court. It had the same results in the U.S. Supreme Court

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