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Brief Biography of Babe Ruth Essay

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October 1st, 1932: it was the fifth inning of the 3rd game of the 1932 World Series. Ruth is at-bat. Stepping into the batters box, he points to centerfield. He is determined to hit the ball there. On the next pitch, Ruth smacks a homer into center field! The crowd goes wild, cheering for the New York Yankees. Babe Ruth is an influential American because he forever changed the game of baseball.
George Herman Ruth Jr. was born on February 6th, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland to parents, George Sr. and Kate. He was one of eight children, four boys and four girls (“Babe Ruth”). When Babe was about 16, his mother died of tuberculosis. About eight years after his mother’s death, his father was killed in a fistfight with his second wife’s brother. The cause of his father’s death was a fractured skull. After all of this, only Babe and his younger sister were still alive (Fogel). When Babe was younger, his parents were never around so he didn’t have any strict authority in his life. His parents would leave him and his sister unsupervised, causing him to get into trouble; skipping school and causing neighborhood problems (“Babe Ruth”).
While Babe was at St. Mary’s he met Brother Matthais, a monk and father figure to Babe. One day in 1911 while Babe was playing, Jack Dunn, the owner of the Baltimore Orioles was watching him play. After watching him for less than an hour, he recruited Babe due to his baseball potential (“Babe Ruth”). In order for Babe to legally play for the Orioles, Dunn had to become his legal guardian in order to complete the contracts. When Dunn brought Babe to meet the other players, they gave him the nickname “Jacks Newest Babe”; this is where he developed the name “Babe”. Babe was 19 when he was drafted. He batted and...

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...also encourage younger children to act right and look up to God. If there is one thing that is for sure it would be that, “he made Yankees the Yankees” (Fagan).

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