Brief Background on The Kosovo War Essay

Brief Background on The Kosovo War Essay

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Kosovo Precedent Justification?

Throughout history there has been a power struggle between the oppressed and the oppressors, which can be identified by the historic process of imperialism. Imperialism once thought of being a heinous action carried out by the oppressors or in other words the powerful, wealthy, and influential states. These countries venture out and try to colonize other underdeveloped countries so that they can extract resources, labor, and wealth. The oppressed are forced to abide by the rules of the powerful minority. These are things of the past, the international community has moved past barbaric imperialism. But does Imperialism still exist? Is there still hope or salvation for humanitarian intervention in today’s world? I believe that imperialism does not exist in the world today and that humanitarian intervention is still possible. To make this argument, this paper will begin with a brief explanation of the Kosovo precedent and its justification towards actions in Syria and Ukraine. I then move to an analysis offered from Liberals on the questions of imperialism and humanitarian intervention in Syria and Ukraine then will use Realist and Marxists ideology to engage in arguments. I will conclude with a brief overview and conclusion of the analysis to make a lasting impression of my feelings toward imperialism and humanitarian intervention.
Brief Background on Kosovo Precedent and R2P
In 1998, the autonomous region of Kosovo inside Serbia was being torn apart. The entire Kosovo War had many key actors. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (consisted of Serbia and Montenegro) wanted to claim the region as theirs but not without the opposition of the Croats (Croatia). The two main bellig...

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...cause we will never know when we might be asking for the same salvation. 
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