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Communication deficiencies can cause members of different generations to clash. In a diverse workforce, having a better understanding of others can make the working environment more productive. But what generations are we talking about here? Even in my military branch, where the majority of Marines tend to be younger than 30 years of age, there is a marked generation variety seen. More so, in the private sector however, there is a multigenerational workforce. This carries significant implications for leaders heading groups and attempting to manage a team in the most efficient way. To be successful, one would be wise in assessing how one communicates with others.
There are fundamental differences between the ways different generations interact. In examining what generational groups share, we can better understand their diverse beliefs and behaviors. We don’t necessarily have to agree with the values these different groups have, but as Elmore suggested, we can strive to understand the mindsets of their generation and how they perceive the world around them based on their experiences (2010). While it is important to recognize that various aspects of diversity from sex, race, geographic location, etc. shape who we are and how we behave, the focus of generational differences focuses on age.
Enter Generation-X, which includes all of us born between 1961-1981. Being a part of this cohort, who is sometimes referred to as the “sandwich generation” (Erickson, 2010, author comments) due to being born between the baby boomer and the abundant and younger Y-generation, has never directly affected my thoughts or actions. Until now, I find that indeed my generational makeup truly drives the way I interact with others. Because of my age and po...

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...and adhere to is clear and concise communication techniques. Ones reinforced by eliminating barriers and enhancing understanding. Regardless of generation, devices or modes used to deliver ideas, leaders should strive to be understood. Technology, which is an integral part of our generation has even affected our English language, but it should not degrade the leader’s duty to effectively communicate.

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