Bridge Between College And High School Essay

Bridge Between College And High School Essay

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Bridge between College and High School
There is a bridge between College and High school, and for those of you who feel that college and high school are the same let me be the person to tell you that you’re wrong. Last year I started my semester in college. I was nervous, but I was also anxious and eager at the same time. I have had friends and family tell me that college is easy, it’s just like high school. So everything that you did in high school to get your diploma. You can do the same exact thing in college to get your degree. So, throughout my first semester of college I always kept that in my mind I would always wait till the last minute to study for my test and wait till the last minute to actually turn in my assignments. However the more and more I found myself doing these exact things I find myself receiving 50% on my homework and sometimes even 60% on my test. I was so surprised because I found myself doing the same thing I would do in high school and I realize that it was not the same. I could recall back to a time where I had my history final and I knew about it in a week an advance. So one of my friends Felix had told me “Hey RJ we should go to the AARC so that way we can get some help on the study guide, and we can study together so that way we will be ready for the test” the AARC is a free tutoring group located in the library that many students at SFA from different grade levels go to for help when they are struggling with a classes that consist of English, History, Science, and math. When Felix had asked me to go to the AARC I had thought about it, but then responded “ I don’t need to do all of that I’m just going to wait till the night or day before the test to try to cram so that way it will be fresh in my mi...

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...e had said that I had jumped out of my bed like it was a trampoline and said “Bring up my GPA look” As she looked at the screen, she could not help but smile with happiness and said “Son I knew you could do it”. At that moment I realize something that if you really want something you have to really work for it to earn. Nothing in life is free and I can 't wait around for people to give me the grade that I want. No I have to study and put time aside to make sure that I earn the grade that I receive. I also had to realize that if I didn’t be honest with myself and finally realize what the issue I was doing throughout my first semester. I would actually had to be kicked out of college for academic probation, and that wouldn’t be good cause I would be set back from my goal of achieving my computer science degree to become the video game programmer I always wanted to be.

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