Essay on Bride of the Fanalis Clan: Chapter 11 New Allies

Essay on Bride of the Fanalis Clan: Chapter 11 New Allies

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Sinbad's age: 19 years old

Masrur's age: 10 years old

May's age: 9 years old

Morgianas age: 4 years old

Pride of the Fanalis Clan



By Angelbloodlover


~ Neutral men are the devil's allies.

Edwin Hubbel Chapin



Chapter 11: New Allies

With wide eye I looked up at the scenery below me.

"Unbelievably beautiful..," I whispered in a low breath, sitting on the cliff. The moment I had uttered those words: 'Open sky and do yours worst' a black hole opened underneath and sucked me in. It took me off guard and now I was here, in this deadly magical world of Dungeon number fifty-three.

Everywhere I looked were lightning beams shooting from up and down the clouds. There was no pavement, the opposite, wisps of black and grey clouds, from above as under the soles of my shoes. But now the real question remained; "How the hell was I supposed to get trough this?" Could it be that I had to face Nature's Wrath and run through it, evading the bolts of lightning? Unsurprisingly, the same had happened to Alibaba in the Dungeon of Amon.. The possibly wherein the Djiin here wanted the same was getting clearer as the seconds ticked by.

With an annoyed sight, I strapped my shoulder bag tighter- it had been a gift from Yunan and I was quite pleased with the smooth texture, along with how easy it was to carry it around. And all-or-nothing approach it will be.

So, taking one last breath on the platform where I had zero chance of dying, I bent my knees, shifting my left leg behind my right leg and used that momentum to fly through the arrays of Nature's Deadly Beauty. As they appeared from under and above the soon-to-be Dungeon Capturer had less than ten per cent to survive, but whether I liked...

... middle of paper ... them to stand down.

"How many Dungeons did you capture?" The blue-haired man asked with crossed arms.

I answered sincerely, "Two." What wrongdoings could he do? I knew that he was an honest man, but all hones tmen had a few dark splotches in their clean personality. I knew that Sindria would do everything in his power to protect his future Kingdom, even hypnotizing and controlling the Empire's princess, Kougyouko Ren.

Return towards the Valley had bored me to death. Yunan would be very happy with this new addition of mines. And so was I.

"How did it go?" He smiled when he noticed the magic turban behind me, treasures on top and a new head piece on my head. "I see it went well, I knew it."

I chuckled softly, and stepped off the magic carpet, "There were some difficulties, but I managed."

"I noticed. Come inside and tell me how your adventure went

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