Essay on Bridal Beauty on Your Most Specail Day

Essay on Bridal Beauty on Your Most Specail Day

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Introduction to Bridal Beauty

It is the most special day of your life, about you and the beginning of the rest of your life with someone you love and dream of spending forever with. You want to look and feel your most spectacular. You will be among the most beautiful women, not because you are a model or celebrity, but you radiate a glow of love and excitement about the future you are about to have.

True beauty is about self-confidence and loving who you are. It comes from the expressions in your eyes and characters in your face. Every woman is beautiful from the within.

Bridal beauty

Your wedding preparation is tedious. It requires hard work, planning and time. Some people spend weeks, whereas others may spend months in choosing the right gown, finding the perfect shoes and selecting the wardrobe for the entire party. However, it is also important to find the perfect look for this special occasion. You do not necessarily have to try something completely new and different. The perfect look can be achieved by practicing until you get the look that you desire. That is why make up is a wonderful creation; it will wash off, so you are free to play with the looks that you want.

Choosing the right look on your wedding day is as important as choosing your dress. However, many women spend months looking for the perfect gown and only thirty seconds on the makeup look. It is important to put on your best face, because your look will be captured in photos forever. After all, you and your partner are the center of attention on your wedding day.

With a little planning and practices, you and your entire bridal party should look picture-perfect on your wedding day.

Nothing is more beautiful than a clear, glowing and healthy complexion....

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...ld be used cautiously.

4. Moisturizing
The human body contains more than 70% of water. The skin becomes dehydrated when the body does not take in enough water. It is therefore crucial to maintain the moisture level both internally and externally. This prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated, dry and may sometimes cause the skin texture to change.

5. Sun Protection
Too much sun exposure causes skin aging, pigmentation and many other problems. Hence, products containing SPF protection should be applied to the skin to prevent damages caused by UV exposure. This important not only when you are going to the beach, the pool or outdoors, but every time you go into the sun or even indoors during the day. While it is true that the darker skin tone has more protection against sun’s damaging rays, specialist advised that all skin tones are at risk towards sun damaging.

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